February 8, 2018


The groom stealing a sly look at his bride in the mayhem of rituals. A silent tear waiting to roll down the cheek of the bride’s father as he gives away his darling daughter. The lovely moment where the bride and her mother exchange glances and the bride is assured that she is looking her best…
These are priceless candid moments to be captured for posterity at every wedding…
At PHOTOSTROPHE we believe that the essence of a wedding lies in capturing these moments of high drama that happen in quick succession. Such moments are spontaneous and we love the challenge of capturing anything that is not ‘enacted.’ We ensure that even our event documentation is candid.
To us every wedding is like a piece de art woven with various elements to create a masterpiece, to be viewed and cherished for posterity. Therefore the approach to each assignment is subjective, unique, encompassing our vision to be different each time – every time!
Our PR O’s are our own customers – a testimony to our passionate approach.

Our Portfolio covers

  • Weddings – In India & abroad
  • Pre & Post wedding Shoots
  • Events
  • Personal Portfolio
  • Potraits