May 22, 2018

Wedding Photography & Make up Tips -1

One of the main duties of Wedding Photographers is to shoot the  couple at  their best. Every bride wants to look beautiful and glowing on her wedding day. A lot of time and money is spent on fixing the bridal makeup artist.

As wedding photographers  we try to educate our clients on the importance of having the right type of  bridal makeup done for the various events. What most brides don’t realise is – you do not need tons of makeup to make you look stunning.

As wedding photographers in Chennai  our advice to would – be brides is keep it minimal considering the humid weather.  You need to define your features to enhance your looks and so concentrate on your eyes and lips. Beautifully done eyes and perfectly defined lips add magic to your face.

Heavy make up tends to melt in all the heat and sweat and makes your face messy at the end of the day.

Given the hot, dry & humid nature of our weather here are a few tips to keep in mind:

Start your beauty routine at least 6 weeks ahead.

Avoid shopping in the sun and keep drinking PLENTY of water and natural drinks like tender coconut and fresh juice to keep your skin hydrated inside out.

Do not go in for any new treatment a few weeks ahead of the wedding since any adverse reaction to sensitive skin can wreak havoc to your skin.

If you want to try new brands of cosmetics do it well ahead of time and do it as a small sampling. 


More to follow…..