A wedding montage is a concise clipping of the entire event/ wedding edited to last anywhere between 5 to 8 mins with appropriate back ground music.  These montages when shot in cinematography style – that is, using high end DSLR Cameras – display greater depth and perspective, giving the short film an ethereal effect.
They are not an alternative for Videography but mostly used alongside video cameras, for the flexibility they offer in terms of angles, perspectives and movement.
Being light on the hand the DSLR Cameras can be moved at will even with space constraints and produce high quality output that is a class apart.
Top end DSLR cameras are very expensive and the wear & tear factor very high, making cinematography an expensive proposition for most people.
Raghu Lakshminaarayanan has been a pioneer in promoting wedding montages shot in videography style. These montages are shot using high end video cameras – an effort experimented and perfected by PHOTOSTROPHE and soon followed by many.
The viewing content is creatively knit making the viewer feel a part of the proceedings. The short film is all about the more important and beautiful moments at the wedding, highlighting the candid and emotional aspects.
Montages can be only about the couple or could have the entire family and friends involved with nicely edited pre / post wedding interviews and asides, giving it a personal touch .
Given proper time and freedom to shoot team PHOTOSTROPHE with its immensely talented creative artists can churn out wonderful wedding montages like it has over the years, winning accolades and hearts from across the globe.
Srinidhi Weds Yamunaithuraivan
Sabiya Banu Weds Amanullah
Kavya weds Vibhu
Babitha weds Santhosh
Abhaya weds GaneshRam
Deepa weds Naveen
  • Srinidhi Weds Yamunaithuraivan

    A fun loving and expressive couple with a big gang of friends waiting on the sides to have their share of fun is the ideal recipe for a great wedding montage. Srinithi and Yamunaithuraivan were completely at ease and never conscious about the cameras giving us some fabulous moments to capture. This traditional Iyengar wedding was a pleasure to shoot with loads of fun filled moments.

  • Sabiya Banu Weds Amanullah

    Muslim weddings are a little more conservative where our style of work is concerned. Having ladies in our team greatly helps us in overcoming sensitive issues and getting the best of all proceedings. Sabiya was a very accommodative and chirpy bride who let us have the last say be it the getting ready shots or shooting the bridal jewellery. The entire family understood the value of good photography and h gave us our space to make it memorable for them.

  • Kavya weds Vibhu

    One of the more elegant and sophisticated couple shot by us, Kavya and Vibhu made a fabulous pair. Although a little shy in their interactions with the camera they were always game for a bit of fun. Completely balanced in terms of their personalities you will find a quiet restraint and a beautiful bonding between them through the visuals.

  • Babitha weds Santhosh

    Weddings can be tiring with long drawn rituals. More so when the venue for various proceedings keep changing from one town to the other. Telugu Sampradaya calls for the Muhurtham rituals to be performed in the wee hours of the morning before sunrise. Despite the taxing schedule and travelling we found a very enthusiastic and energetic pair in Babitha & Santhosh. They were never too tired for anything and we had to keep our energy up always for this extremely sweet and patient couple. 

  • Abhaya weds GaneshRam

    Talking nineteen to the dozen Abhaya was a complete foil to the serene and sedate Ganeshram or so we thought. The Sangeet in the wedding was revelation to us on what a fun-loving person the groom was. There was never a dull moment at this Iyer wedding and the result is there for you to see. Completely made for each other this beautiful couple had us all emotional at the end of the shoot. Such was the bonding both families shared with us.

  • Deepa weds Naveen

    Deepa and Naveen were very clear that they wanted great shots and were determined to give us their best. Although the wedding proceedings were jam packed we took every opportunity to shoot this couple as candid as possible given the space constraints such Telugu weddings generally have