February 8, 2018


Yes, we do live webcast of events / web cast of weddings, birthdays or any other event that you wish to be covered. Gone are the days when you felt deeply disappointed  about a close relative or dear friend missing an event that had immense importance to you.

It could be a wedding being missed by an elderly person who is immobile and unable to travel or a best friend who has just delivered and hence unable to be there alongside you on your D – day.


Technology has made things absolutely simple and all you need is a computer and an internet connection and you can watch and recount an entire wedding as if you really were there from the comfort of your couch!

If power failure or net problems create stumbling blocks and prevent you from watching it, no worries. You can watch the same proceedings repeatedly for the next 12 months any time you want.

Confused? Read on for more info on our web casting services.

The following procedure is adopted once you inform us that you require live webcast of an event:


  1. Live Webcast of events is done in sections – each section is of 3-hour duration. If you are doing a wedding, you can have the Muhurtham covered in a single section lasting 3 hours or if you need it longer you can take it up as 2 sections. So prior notification is required as to how many hours we need to cover.


  1. A domain is then booked in the name of your choice.
    For example – www.bride’s name- weds- bridegroom’s name .com
    Or put simply – www.sita weds ram .com

3 . Once this is registered by us you may
a. Add the scanned invite copy / photos of the couple or any other info that you want the page to carry.
b. give the link of the domain to your relatives and friends and they can log in with their mail ids. There is a special comments section and guests can respond there by way of comments. Only those to who you give the link will be able to see the page

  1. Once the relay starts those who are watching it through the webcast can interact and chat with each other commenting on the proceedings. In case of any disturbances in the relay you may call on the telephone numbers provided in the page and contact us. Our technicians will do the needful immediately for a smooth relay.
  2. The unedited version of the function will be uploaded on to the page within 72 hours.
  3. The domain will remain active for a period of 12 months from the date of the event and can be extended further too on payment of certain fee. In other words, you get to see the recorded version any time and as many times as you want over the next 12 months.
  4. In case your engagement is already over, and you thought of the live relay just now and want to have it for your wedding, you could still book a domain right away and post your engagement video on it and use the same domain to have your live web cast of the wedding – even if your wedding is 3 / 6 months hence.

We have had special requests from relatives living abroad to pan / zoom in our camera on specific persons who they haven’t seen in years and its a great emotional moment for them.

For any further info on live webcast of event please feel free to mail us with your queries to – director@photostrophe.com