February 8, 2018


Here are some of Interesting facts about wedding photography

Early Roman brides carried a bunch of herbs, such as garlic and rosemary, under their veils to symbolise fidelity and fertility and to ward off evil. These herbs served as a precursor to the modern bridal bouquet.


Las Vegas is the top wedding destination with over 100,000 weddings a year, followed by Hawaii at 25,000 weddings a year. Compare this to Indian weddings where perhaps every city can boast of over 50,000 weddings a year – thanks to our populous!


The phrase “tying the knot” initially came from an ancient Babylonian custom in which threads from the clothes of both the bride and bridegroom were tied in a knot to symbolise the couple’s union. Literally tying some type of ceremonial knot at a wedding ceremony can be found across cultures.


Queen Victoria’s wedding cake was three yards wide and weighed 300 pounds.


Queen Elizabeth II had 12 wedding cakes. The one she cut at her wedding was nine feet tall and weighed 500 pounds.


In America, T.V. soap opera weddings attract more viewers than a presidential address.


Wedding bells are an important symbol of a wedding. Traditionally, it was believed that demons were scared off by loud sounds, so following a wedding ceremony, anything that could make noise was used to create a diversion


The wedding ring has traditionally been worn on the third finger of the left hand because it was believed that a vein in this finger runs directly to the heart.


Green is typically not worn at Scottish weddings because it is the color of fairies and an omen of revenge. It is considered unlucky to even eat green vegetables at a wedding


The practice of giving or exchanging engagement rings began in 1477 when Roman Emperor, Maximilian I, gave Mary of Burgandy a diamond ring as an engagement present.


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