About Photostrophe

Wedding Photography requires a lot of creativity and fresh perspectives on the part of wedding photographers,each time a wedding is shot.

Raghu Lakshminaarayanan took on the challenge and has proved to be trail blazer, in creating a style of his own.

Testimonial to this is the verdict given by the judges of an International Photography Contest organized by Lonely Planet where in, an image shot by Raghu beat 15,000 entries from across the globe to be adjudged as the BEST.

Raghu’s work is synonymous with attention to detail, creativity & extraordinary visuals without manipulation or any trace of artificiality.

Being innovative is his Mantra but innovation not just for the sake of it. Raghu is careful that any image shot should be enjoyed by the viewer at all times and should never be a source of embarrassment for the couple.

Painstaking attention is given to understand the client’s requirements in making every wedding stand apart in an unique manner by Raghu.

Taking personalized interest in every aspect is Raghu’s strength. He does not see the photo coverage as an engagement but more as the culmination of a long standing bond between the client and him.

Right from understanding the decor, lighting and architectural nuances of the venue to getting a detailed summary of the events to be conducted, the guest list, the wedding attire of the bride & groom – he takes pleasure to plan and execute to get the best possible output for his client.